The Nebraska Advantage, Nebraska’s newly enhanced incentive legislation, emphasizes capital investment, innovation, the creation of jobs, and provides for the training of workers who take those jobs. “The new Nebraska Advantage package was designed to create a business climate that, more than ever, makes our state a preferred location for starting and growing a business,” said Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman.

The Nebraska Advantage package benefits businesses with:

Investment credits
Wage credits
Sales tax refund
Customized job training
State and local sales tax exemptions for purchases of manufacturing machinery, equipment and related services
Research and development tax credits
Microenterprise tax credits
Inventory tax exemptions

Nebraska also offers:

Employees with an unmatched work ethic
Central location offering an integrated system of interstates, mainline railroads, and airports
Industrial sites and buildings ready for immediate occupancy
A 100% public power system – the only state that offers it – providing customers with electrical power at some of the lowest rates in the nation
Nebraska Quality of Life Brochure – .pdf

“Nebraska Advantage is the most aggressive economic development package approved in Nebraska during the last eighteen years, and arguably, during the full history of the state. It not only builds on the incentives already in place, but adds significantly to the types of businesses impacted ,” said Richard Baier, director of the Nebraska Department of Economic Development.

Components of the Nebraska Advantage Package include:

Nebraska Advantage Act (LB 312)
Expanded incentives for “5 Tiers” of investment and/or job creation
Small Business Advantage
Research and Development Advantage
Microenterprise Tax Credit Advantage
Rural Development Advantage ”2 Levels” – (formerly LB 608)
State and local sales tax exemptions of manufacturing machinery, equipment, and related service
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Nebraska Agriculture Innovation Advantage (LB 90)
Agriculture Opportunities and Value-Added Partnership Act
Building Entrepreneurial Communities Act
Ethanol Production Incentive Cash Fund Enhancement
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Nebraska Customized Job Training Advantage
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Microenterprise Development Fund Enhancement
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The long-term goals of the Nebraska Advantage package are to promote growth of existing companies through job retention and new capital investments; increase the number of successful startup business ventures in the state; foster the commercialization of new products and ideas; and recognize the different needs of Nebraska’s industries.
“Nebraska Advantage improves Nebraska’s tax climate, and rewards businesses that invest in the state and hire Nebraska’s high quality workforce. Through Nebraska’s new progressive, pro-business program, companies will receive reduced or virtually eliminated corporate income and sales taxes, and credit for employee withholding,” said Richard Baier, director of the Nebraska Department of Economic Development.

Download – Nebraska Advantage Brochure

Nebraska Department of Economic Development
As the state’s lead economic development agency, the Nebraska Department of Economic Development (DED) is dedicated to helping businesses locate the information and resources they need to succeed, grow, and prosper.

The major responsibility of the Nebraska Department of Economic Development is to use the tools and resources provided by the Nebraska Legislature, under the leadership of the governor to grow, diversify and develop the capability of Nebraska’s economy to grow at a pace that enhances the lives of its residents.

More specifically, the mission of the Nebraska Department of Economic Development is to provide quality leadership and services that enable Nebraska communities, businesses, and people to succeed in a global economy. We are here, equipped and ready, to assist you and your community in developing and capitalizing on economic development opportunities.
Nebraska Department of Revenue

Summary of General Provisions of Nebraska Tax Incentive Programs
Tax Incentives
LB 312 Statutes
Manufacturing Machinery and Equipment Exemption
Manufacturing Sales Tax Exemption Form